Sonix Studios | Our Process
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Our Process


The entire process of recording might sound like a simple task, especially with the wide range of equipment available today. For most amateurs, recording simply means recording audio through electronic or mechanical tools. However, at professional level, recording involves much more than merely using equipment for the job. One could easily say that recording in itself is a complete art form. So What Is Recording? Recording is the process of registering sound a singular or multiple sounds and at the same time improving the sound quality to ensure the audio is up to the mark. The process involves everything; microphone selection and placement, equalization and using multiple elements during mixing and improving sound quality while eliminating unwanted noise pollution. This, obviously, is a job for professionals and not amateurs!


In today’s digitally advanced world, there are numerous tools and equipment to carry out the process. But, it takes extreme dedication and hands on experience to ensure the process goes flawless. Our experts have years of experience in the industry. They use state of the art equipment for the mixing process. We usually get tracks from artists (singers, TV producers, and others) with vocals simple vocals or with vocals adding on top of the melody. Our job is to align the music with the vocals to make it sound authentic and excellent.


Mastering is the final stage after recording and mixing. During this process, all the necessary details are applied to a track to ensure it is ready for final production. Mainly, the process includes producing a Master CD that can be used for duplication or replication. This Master CD is no ordinary format but an industry standard commercial format through which numerous other sellable formats can be generated. The entire process of mastering is crucial. It decides the overall success of an album and the sound quality of CDs that are generated using the Master CD. Therefore, ensuring that the Master CD is flawless is the foremost task. We Are Mastering Experts! At Sonix Studios, our engineers are well aware of the fact that each and every audio file included in the final version should be crisp. Through our experience and high-tech equipment, we ensure that your final Master CD is up to the mark and can produce millions of perfect copies of sibling CDs.